Low Carb Alternatives

7 Low Carb Alternatives to Help You Through Your Journey

Craving all the carbs? Here are some alternatives to help you be successful in your wellness/fitness journey.

Swap pasta for Palmini noodles. Palmini is the brand of noodles. They are a variety of noodles made from hearts of palm. They have spaghetti, angel hair, linguine, and even lasagna! Your creativity is endless with these. I have personally made lasagna, white lasagna, chicken alfredo, and spaghetti (of course)! A serving of these Palmini noodles are only going to cost you 2 net carbs.

Swap potatoes for daikon radish. Okay so in my opinion nothing will ever compare to potatoes. Not fries, fried, or mashed. However, keeping that in mind daikon radishes are the closest thing I have found for a potato substitute. The are soft when cooked all the way through. The are a root vegetable so they have a significant smell. Not stinky, just earthy. I have NOT had them mashed. I have had them as French fries. And my advice is, COOK THEM ALL THE WAY. If you are looking for a quick meal, these should not be in the recipe unless you have prepped them beforehand (like in a soup or something). A serving of these will only cost you 2 net carbs per 100g.

Cauliflower- Mashed or macaroni! I love cauliflower in many different forms. Macaroni, mashed, roasted, raw, steamed, riced, or sautéed! The cauliflower alone will only cost you 1 net carb per cup!

Swap your tortillas for low carb wheat tortillas. Even just low carb tortillas, they don’t have to be wheat. But the wheat will give you more fiber. One Carb Balance Whole Wheat Tortilla is only 3 net carbs. FOR A LARGE ONE! I’ve used these for wraps, paninis, and absolutely tacos!!

Swap your Ben and Jerry’s for Rebel! You have to let it sit out for 10-15 minutes, but its so creamy and delicious. They have many different flavors and they range from 4-8 net carbs I believe. I personally love the Triple Chocolate Chunk!

Low carb bread- Luckily, I have an Aldi here that stays pretty well stocked with zero net carb bread. I know it cannot be located everywhere. But there are other low carb breads out there. Nature’s Own also has a lower carb bread. There is sugar free bread. And I recently heard of a brand called Sola. It is 3 net carbs per slice. Which is still better than 12-20 per slice!

This is not as hard as you have it built up in your mind to be. Be realistic. These alternatives are not going to taste like the food you are craving. They should be able to resemble them, but if you are honest with yourself and don’t try to “trick” yourself, you can be successful. 

This is not just for the Keto Diet. Even when I take a break form Keto, I still eat these foods. They have become part of my normal diet.