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Weekend Take Away

This Pat weekend was just why I needed! Time with family. Getting cozy. Organizing. Decorating. And of course, cleaning. I didn’t go to the gym but definitely remained active.

Saturday I spent the day helping my parents get ready to put Christmas decorations up. The plan was to start putting up lights and gettin jolly. But, we live in Florida and it’s hurricane season. Eta is off the coast, headed this way so we decided to wait before putting the outside decorations up. So my mom and I decorated inside and put her tree up. It’s so crazy to see the sentimental ornaments that made it all these years. Especially the crappy clay ornaments we made in elementary school. But we had a blast and got to spend some quality time!

Sunday, my husband went out to watch a shooting competition that a few of his coworkers were in. They are damn good by the way! After that we went and got a few last minute groceries and supplies. We then headed home to do on our own decorating. After the tree and decorations up we had an amazing dinner. My husband smoked ribs. One of our family members helped slaughter a pig this weekend so we had suuuppppeer fresh pork!

Now, it’s Sunday night and I’m watching a movie while my husband “rests” beside me. Funny how “just resting” turns into eyes closed, snoring, and taking up the whole damn bed!! But, I love him.

This weekend was amazing. It was productive in many forms. Not just organizing, cleaning, and decorating. But we were productive in making memories with our loved ones. In this world today, that is super important. You never know when you’ll get another chance ❤️❤️.