The Babbling Brunette

The Babbling Brunette was created to be a melting pot of people who have been or are going through this sh!t show, a.k.a, life. We go through a lot of situations in life that nobody could have prepared us for. Although I think a warning would have been fair! So whether you are wanting to lose weight, learn how to use weights and/or gym equipment, organize some of the chaos in your life, or you are just going through a tough time (mentally, physically, and emotionally), you are in the right place. Hell, even if you are great and just want some tips on overall wellness, you have come to the right place.

Hi! My name is Megan and I am a blogger and an amateur photographer. I am all about having a plan to be the best I can be. Are my plans flawless and followed through to perfection? Absolutely f*cking not. But, I pick up what’s left after my solid effort and do my damn best. Am I a writer? No. Is this my first blog? Yes. Do I cuss often? Also, yes. Do I try my best to enjoy the sh!t show as its unfolding? Absolutely, yes! So come hang out and let’s enjoy the sh!t show together.