Yup! I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Toxic people have no place in your life.

I wanted to share a recent experience with you all. I have been lifting heavier. Pushing myself to increase my strength and muscle so when I start to cut, it will be easier as my body will be in “burn mode”.

I hit a major PR the other day. Deadlift 135!!

As I was Uber excited I sent the video to another lady lifter I know. I full warned that I know my form is off but that ish was heavy!

As soon as she got the video, she sent me three different messages critiquing everything. She didn’t mention one positive thing. For a brief moment I engaged in the toxic conversation. And as soon as I responded, I immediately messaged “never mind.”

In the brief moment of entertaining her toxicity, I went from being elated and proud to feeling like poop. Like it still wasn’t good enough.

I knew in my heart that what I accomplished was major. Even if it took some perfecting, I knew that getting the weight up and being able to “lock out” was a really big accomplishment. But, her negativity took me to a place I was too familiar with.

That is why I said “never mind.” It’s not worth the back and forth. It’s not worth the self doubt. And it’s not worth the disappointment.

This conversation reminded me of why I don’t really engage with this person. And from that point on, I will not engage.

You see a friend, would be supportive. A friend would be enthusiastic. Even an honest friend would say “that’s great, just work on…”

If they are going to be negative and demotivating, it’s not worth your time or energy.

Remove yourself from the encounter, relationship, or situation.

Do not let them bring you down.

Do not let them determine your worth.

You deserve happiness.

You deserve encouragement.

You are worthy.

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