8 Tips to Build Your Gym Confidence

Let’s be real. In the beginning of our journey we worry about being judged in the gym. We worry about it so much that we let it become an excuse for us not to go. Here are a few tips to get through the anxiety and fear of being judged.

  1. Just get there- whether its morning, noon, or night. Just get yourself there. If you don’t feel like it, take some pre-workout and listen to some bass thumping music that makes you feel like a total bad ass!
  2. Creep- Once you are there, get on an elliptical or treadmill. Go at your own pace. We should all know how to walk at this age. So walk. While you are walking, instead of watching a show on your phone, listen to some music and watch. Yup! Be a creeper. Watching how and what people are doing. Which equipment are they using? How are they using it? Look at their form. If your balls are big enough, mine aren’t, you can ask them.
  3. Research- Once you take note of the machines people are using or the exercises they are doing, research them. Go to those machines when they are free and read what they are used for. Most machines have a description. If its not a machine you are after, google the exercise. You can learn what they do for you and how to do them. Form is super important here.
  4. Practice form- Countless times, I have practiced my form or technique at home. Whether its with a dumbbell or a broomstick. This helps me be more confident in front of others.
  5. Lift- Don’t be afraid to lift weights. Especially women! You will not get bulky from lifting weights. You actually burn more calories lifting than you do walking on the treadmill. It takes a lot of hard work for somebody to bulk like men do.
  6. Ask a trainer or an employee. The employees and trainers are there for you. They are usually really nice and helpful.
  7. Form vs. weight- It is more beneficial and important for you to do the exercise correctly than it is to pie on the weight to look cool. You will likely injure yourself if you cannot properly lift what you have prepared.
  8. Hat it up- Wear a hat. It kinda works as blinders. That way you are focusing on the task at hand. You can’t really see other people looking at you. Also, it looks pretty badass and people usually won’t bother you when you have one on. It gives off I’m here to eff sh!t up vibes.

Practice these steps and your confidence will change. If you feel like you belong there, you do.

Also, it shouldn’t matter what other people think. Everybody starts somewhere. I sure as heck had bad form when I started. Still do sometimes.

You can also ask a gym member when the peak hours are. That way you can go when it isn’t packed. If you aren’t confident enough yet, the non-busy time will probably be your best bet. Less people. You don’t have to wait for equipment or machines. You also don’t have to squeeze around people. And you don’t have to fight for a spot.

I also workout in front of a mirror if I can. That way I can see my form and look at only myself. It sounds conceited, but its not. If I ma looking at myself, I’m not looking at other people looking at me.

And to be quite frank, if you absolutely cannot find it in you to go to the gym, don’t let that be an excuse that stalls your progress. You can workout at home. If you can’t afford gym equipment at home, get yourself some resistance bands. There really isn’t a good enough excuse for you to not better yourself.

Remember, healthy an fit does not have to mean skinny!

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