Do y’all ever get in those moods where something is off and you can’t figure it out? I don’t know if I’m sad, mad, confused, stressed, overwhelmed.

And it’s not all day. It comes and goes. I haven’t been sleeping. My workout schedule is off. I’m not eager to go, really.

Everything bothers me at times. Like super thin patience. I’m overthinking and over reacting.

Now this isn’t to say I’m a “happy go lucky” person. Honestly, that’s total bullshit to me. People struggle. If you say you don’t, then I say, “you’re a robot.”

Something is definitely off. I feel lazy and needy. But, at the same time, I get up on time for work, I’m productive and don’t seem to have issues with any of that.

Do y’all go through that? Or am I losing it? How do I snap back into it? Maybe it’s just holiday stress. Maybe it’s the new year. Maybe it’s that I’m almost 30 and feel like I don’t have my ish together. Who knows? No, really who knows?

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