Woah, I’m stuffed! And I don’t regret a single bite!!

It has taken me a long time to comprehend that I have a poor relationship with food. And it’s still a work in progress. So how do you know if you have a bad food relationship? Well, I have a few personal examples of what mine looked like from time to time.

  • Strict eating times
  • Food restriction
  • Calorie restriction
  • Obsessive tracking of calories and/or macros
  • “If you can’t burn it, don’t eat it” mentality
  • Food Guilt- Feeling guilty for eating what tastes good
  • Thinking about the fastest way to lose weight
Photo by Tim Samuel on Pexels.com

Going off of very popular food tracking apps, I would only eat the amount of calories or carbs recommended by that app. The lowest was 1200ish calories and the lowest net carb intake was 17. FYI, that is not healthy or safe. Considering your body burns 1400-1800+ calories on it’s own just by functioning properly. My body went into starvation mode and I actually didn’t see much progress. My body was not getting the nutrients it needed to perform its daily duties. Get it? Duties…*insert poop emoji*.

It took time and multiple failed attempts to learn that I care more about being healthy and strong than I do about being “skinny”. My goal in life, as mentioned in an earlier post, is to be fit. I want to nourish my body and be strong. I want to be able to survive a Zombie Apocalypse should that ever be an issue. You can laugh. I know how ridiculous that sounds. But, that’s the best way I can put my goals into perspective to others.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Here are a few tips on how I have managed to better my relationship with food.

  1. Practice intuitive eating- Stop eating when you are no longer hungry
  2. Practice mindful eating- think about the way the food smells, tastes and feels
  3. Pay attention to how food makes you feel. Does it make you bloat? Breakout? Spike your insulin? Energized? Nourished? Refreshed? Hot flashes?
  4. Stop thinking if you have a cookie, you will lose all progress. Weight gain is just like weight loss. It takes habits to get there. It’s not one meal or snack that makes you gain weight. It’s the several cookies daily. (Cookies are just an example)
  5. Reduce your emotional eating. I say reduce because we are human beings and sometimes, eating our feelings makes us feel better. While we want to take care pf ourselves physically, we need to allow balance to make sure we are taking care of our mental state as well.
  6. Delete tracking apps. I deleted the apps that I would obsess over. The ones that would remind me of my sugar intake. The ones that turn red when I go over on my 1200 allotted calorie intake.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

As I mentioned, this is a work in progress for me. I still have days where I binge and then feel like an asshole afterwards. It just happens. And I have to remind myself that I am allowed to eat what makes me happy. I just also remind myself that I want the food to make me happy. Sometimes, I eat something because I know it will make me happy and as soon as I eat it, I feel so guilty. But, like I said, I’m working on it.

We all go through this at some point. Our metabolism slows and the pounds pile on without us even knowing. It’s not until we see an unplanned picture of ourselves that it hits us like a love bug on my front bumper. If you don’t know what I mean by that, Google it! Having negative thoughts about ourselves is normal. I challenge each and every one o you who struggle with self image or weightless, to look at yourself every day in the mirror and say on positive thing about yourself. I’ll do this with you.

Today, I don’t have any new pimples…your turn!

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