I posted not too long ago about how about once a month I feel the need to diet. It’s because I feel gross. Bloated. Hormonal. Disgusted. I took a “Before Picture” last week because I was going to diet. I Didn’t diet. I took another picture a few days later. These two pictures are only 3 days apart.

This is insane! It is no wonder why women feel batshit crazy on their periods. Also, it may not seem like much to y’all, but this is only a half pound difference!! So I took to Google because even I couldn’t believe the difference. Turns out, it is all hormones.

It is absolutely insane to me. It’s not like this is something I prepare for every month. I can’t predict how my mind/hormones are going to make me feel each month. Not all periods are equal for me. Sometimes, I feel as normal as one can with cramps, backaches and mood swings. And other times I am full of thin patience and craving like none other. And I know I am not the only one. So paid attention to my body and have some tips for you!

  1. Cut back on the soda- soda makes me bloat regularly. So to not add to the expansion of my abdomen I cut back during this week of torture!
  2. Exercise! Even though you don’t feel like getting out of bed exercise helps you sweat and will ultimately help reduce the water retention. (It is also good for cramps)
  3. Sauna! Sweat it out.
  4. Stick to lower sodium foods, less processed
  5. Cut back on your carb intake. I know this is tricky because I typically crave allllll the carbs during this week. I try to find alternatives to cut back as much as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I do indulge, just not as much as my mind wants me to.

It’s not something that just goes away. Even as you get older. I know women who don’t have a period due to their age, but the still bloat, cramp and have mood swings. Some people suggest birth control. Although this can be helpful, birth control has a whole bunch of side effects as well. So if this is something you choose to do, please do your research.

Basically, periods suck. They are annoying. But, hopefully these tips help you as much as they do me. Oh!! And don’t forget to dink your water.

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