I genuinely want to know if there is anybody who doesn’t get aggravated when driving. Now, I will say I can be excessive. However, I cannot stand being on the road with other people!

The music is on and I’m singin’ and danicn’. All of a sudden somebody pulls out in front of me while I’m goin 70 mph. Like, who does this? Did you not look? Do you have a death wish? You don’t know it, but I’m throat punching you in my head. It drives me absolutely insane. Not using turn signals, cutting people off, or driving like a douchebag! Oh! Let’s not forget the going 35 in a 55.

Y’all I can be in the happiest mood and then one of these things happen and I lose it. I’m saying ALL of the cuss words. Throwing my hands up. And literally doing Karate in my head. And then I go back to the singin’ and dancing’ haha. I have not met one person who does not have road rage to some degree. I notice this is a flaw and I try not to let people steal my peace. But! I majorly practice that when it doesn’t affect me. If I’m affected, game freakin on!

However, not too long ago I cussed out the wrong person. A person crazier than me. I was legitimately scared she was going to follow me home. She didn’t! But she definitely had be shaken in my imaginary boots! Since I have noticed I have an issue I have been trying to take some corrective action. Below are the steps I use to calm myself.

  • If somebody cuts me off, I just move over if I can
  • I somebody is going so slow that if they went any slower, they’d be moving backwards I just try to remind myself tat I am not in a hurry (I literally have no life).
  • If somebody pulls out in front of me, I try not to cuss. This is what my horn is for, right? And boy can she sang!!
  • If somebody rides the merge lane instead of actually merging (I’m thinking this is a FL thing), then I will not speed up to make it impossible. I ill only go the speed limit. The rest is up to them.
  • If somebody throws their signal on and needs to get over last minute, I just let them over. But no signal, no entrance!
  • I mean and the obvious. I just take a breath and proceed to keep singin my 90’s country music!

What are your methods? Or are you just balls to the wall cray cray like the chick you out crazied me? Let me know in the comments below!

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