So yeah, it’s that time of month…again! I’m not complaining that I survive this particular shit show every month but I’m not 100% sure how me or the people around me make it through this particular span of days.

Anyways, I’ve been craving brownies for the past 3-4 days. I went against my better judgement and neglected the craving and ended up eating a shit tone of cookies and cereal to try and get my brownie fix. It didn’t work. So here we are, 9:30 on a Monday night going to get brownies from the brownie shop down the street. Thank goodness they are open until 2am!!!

All I said was “I’m craving brownies.” My husband asked without any hesitation if I wanted him to go get me some. I told him “No” because I knew he had a long day. He looked at me and said it’s not about him. If I want the brownies, he wants to get the brownies. I get a little guilty, but I couldn’t lie. I reeaalllllyyyyy wanted the brownies. So we went.

To say I’m spoiled is putting it lightly. And it’s not what you are thinking. I spoiled by his affection, his love for me, and his willingness to do everything in his power to make me happy and feel whole. It’s not the brownies or the materialistic things. It’s the way he holds me in the mornings. And gives me space when I sleep (because his body is like an effing furnace and I CANNOT be hot when I sleep. It’s the way he runs his hand down my back to comfort me. Or tries to call me back to bed. It’s the way he lets me go first down a crowded isle. How he stands on the outside of the sidewalk, closest to the road. It’s the way he takes my car to get gas and oil changes so I don’t have to. It’s us driving separately to the gas station, but him pumping for both cars.

I heard something the other day on Tik Tok and I’m not sure who originally said it. But basically, one day you will me a woman. And you will know she’s been through a lot when she says, “I’m fine.” Or, “I got it.” And she may be fine, and she may have it under control. However, that’s not to say she doesn’t want help. Don’t let her do it alone. By doing what you can when you can, you will slowly break down those walls.

So when I say I got brownies, ai mean I have the best husband!

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