Ha! “Healthy.” That’s a silly word. Have you ever thought about that? Like, I understand research has been done to prove which foods classify of “healthy.” But, hear me out. Ready?

Is it really healthy if it makes you miserable? To me, the answer is no. “Healthy” foods are not worth sacrificing my mental state. Trust me, I need my sanity.

But! If you are making a decision to eat foods that contain certain nutritional values, then I have a surprise for you! It doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some foods with around-about prices.

$1 & Under

Frozen corn

Frozen broccoli (cuts and florets)

Frozen chopped spinach

Green bell peppers

$5 & Under

Salad mix

Head of lettuce



Red and yellow bell peppers

Asparagus (by the pound)

Apples (by the pound)




Canned Soup (light soups)

Chicken Broth

Tomatoes (by the pound)

Russet potatoes (by the pound)

Rice (brown and white)

$10 & Under





Organic foods


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