7 Tips for Surviving Bullies

My husband and I were in Wally World a couple weeks ago. Let’s be real, we are there almost every day. But, a couple weeks ago when we were there I witnessed something that took me back to my teenage years. And not in a good way.

We were coming up on the toy section. I see children running around and playing all over the place. Where are their parents? That was my first thought. I see these two girls on one side of the walkway, by a corral in the middle of the main isle. Then, I see a small group of three kids playing on the toy isle. Of course, no parents around. All of the kids had to range from maybe 8-12 years old. The two girls in the main isle by the corral, were laughing and whispering. I didn’t think anything of it and just kept walking.

When I look up again, I notice the other girls pointing at the girl in the group of 3 down the toy isle, and laughing at her. The other girl saw them pointing and laughing and just put her head down and walked out of sight.

Why do people, even kids, do this? You can’t say they don’t know any better, because that is the point in raising children. To teach them. To teach them to love. To teach them to be kind. To teach them to help one another. Children learn from example. They learn from what they see.

I wish I would have had some cool advise for the girl in the toy isle. But the truth is, there will always be people who want to bring you down. Her reaction to those girls bullying her and picking on her broke my heart for two reasons. I bullied and made fun of somebody when I was younger. I had no reason to make fun of the person I made fun of. I thought it would make me cool. I thought it would make other people laugh. It’s not like I had friends lining up down the hall. I literally had no friends at this time in my life. And, I regret it to this day.

Also, I was bullied throughout ALL four years of high school. At times, I was terrified. At times, I was sad. And at times, I was angry! It is a terrible feeling to not be accepted by your peers. And in our younger year, especially before high school, and throughout high school we are so impressionable. We pick up on everything. And we all want to be liked in some way shape or form. But, the best way to be accepted by anybody, is to be ourselves. Being ourselves, will attract the company we want to keep. So, to the girl in the toy isle, keep shining honey!

Also, let’s hop back to the fact that their parents were nowhere to be found. For any of them. Parents, in case you believe you live in a world of rainbow pooping unicorns, let me drop a little reality for you. You live in a world of murderers, kidnappers, and traffickers. There are people who will take your child without even giving it a second thought. Not to mention your kids are more likely to be an asshole when you are not around. I’m not saying follow your children everywhere hey go their entire lives, but maybe at least in the grocery store. There shouldn’t be a bunch of kids under 13 running around the store.

Seeing as I have experienced bullying on both sides of the fence, I have a few tips on how to survive them.

  1. Keep being yourself. Do NOT let them steal your peace!
  2. Unless they are physical with you, disregard them. Especially, if they don’t know you!
  3. Rumors are rumors. People make them up to get attention. They talk about others, to make themselves feel better. Trust me, I know because I did it!
  4. Keep your head up. School is only a small fraction of your life. You will outshine them one day, and trust me they will feel so stupid.
  5. Remember, love yourself. There is nothing wrong with you.
  6. No amount of money, name brands, or friends determines your self worth.
  7. You will have friends. Friends who love you and care for you. Friends you love the silly, serious, and kind parts of you.


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