So in an earlier post I wrote about doing small things to make this world a better place. Small things that you may think go unnoticed, could mean the world to others. You could literally save a life, just by being kind!

Saturday, I was running errands. I got to the grocery store and witnessed a Prius, start backing up without hesitation in front of an 18 wheeler. We all know those big a$$ trucks cannot stop on a dime. I have truck drivers in my family and always respect them when I am on the road. Use turn signals, brake way in advance, and let them over. Funny thing is, those actions should all be common sense!!!!

Needless to say I mumbled in my mask, “You get the idiot of the year award” and “How stupid are you?” Thankfully, there was not an accident and nobody was hurt. Irritated as all get out, after the cluster F was clear, I proceed to cross the street. As I am getting ready to cross I see a car coming, so I stop. This girl rolls down her window and says, “I really like your shirt.” To which I replied, “Thanks!”. I do not know that she heard me because of my mask. But, it made me smile!

Then I look down at the shirt I’m wearing. It is grey and says “BE A NICE HUMAN.” I smiled again, because I felt like a complete douchebag. I got my panties all the way wadded up because of something that didn’t affect me at all. It wasn’t my business, and I let it take my peace. If even for a moment. Why do I do that? Although it was ignorant of that individual to back out in front of a semi, it had nothing to do with me. AND, nobody was hurt. I had zero reasons to be mad. Zip, nada, zilch!

After I realized how silly I was, I smiled once more. She made my day. She put me in my place so to speak. Also, I don’t know about y’all, but when a compliment comes from the female variety, it feels so much better than it does coming from a man. Especially, when it’s a stranger!!

Moral of the story, do not let anybody steal your peace, and keep doing what you can to make people smile! Oh! And please do not pull out in front of semis. Thanks!

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