Today has been the Mondayiest Monday. After 4 steps across the hall, I got to work at 7:30a. I quickly realized 50% of my employees, myself included, were locked out of our system. COOL! Our tech support had no ETA on when it would be fixed so I spent an hour refreshing and reaching out to my employees. Finally, around 8:30a I have access.

I begin to run reports so I can get work for the day sent out to my team. Due to the late start, the system is bogged down from everybody trying to use it. I’m finally able to get work sent out to my employees around 10a. I go downstairs to get a snack. The front door is open 🤔. My friend works from my house since we all got sent home and had left earlier for an appointment. We have been having issues with our door knob not turning all the way lately so I assume that’s what happened.

Things are going pretty smooth. I’m approving time sheets and doing my daily tasks when I catch a glimpse of my reflection in my monitor. WTF? My hair was lookin cray cray. I get up to go get my brush, and as I go to open my bedroom door and walk in, I am suddenly stopped. THE DOOR IS F-ING locked!

How is this possible? I am the only one who has been in there. I didn’t lock it. And alll these thoughts start coming in my head. What if somebody came in the house earlier and now they are in my room? The only weapon I have is in that room. My book is in that room. My contacts. My shoes. So I call the leasing office. The lady didn’t seem in any rush and put in a work order. So my friend and I attempt to break in to my room. I go get a butter knife.

Me: “I remember doing this when I was breaking into my mom’s room”

My friend: “Why did you break into your mom’s room?”

Me: “For quarters, for the Zebra Cakes at lunch!”

No luck getting into the room. Now I’m on my lunch break thinking about Zebra Cakes waiting for the maintenance man to come open my room!

Happy Monday!

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