Photo by M. McCoy

So I recently started working from home. Thanks Covid! At first getting myself and my employees up and running remotely was chaotic. I honestly felt like if I had to say “Call the help desk” one more time, I’d start pulling my hair out. I quickly found myself working nonstop to make sure everybody, including myself, was up and running. Even once we were all put together, I still felt like I had to make sure nothing crashed or that nobody locked themselves out of the system. Thanks to my great work ethic (toot toot), I was on top of it all. What was missing? MY BREAKS!! I was completely neglecting myself physically and mentally. By the end of the day I was so mentally exhausted that I couldn’t form sentences.

This whole working from home thing has been a learning experience for everybody involved. I have compiled a list of things I learned since this whole Work From Home Journey began.

Stay Active: If you were working out before you started to work from home, stick to it. Sometimes, by the end of the day we are so comfortable within these walls, that we don’t want to leave. Go! Get out! Get moving!

Get in a Routine: You definitely want to have some type of rhythm or normalcy. If you got up at 7 and had coffee and a shower before you started working from home, stick to that. Okay, maybe you can sleep in a few more minutes since you don’t have to travel. But, stick to the getting up, get your soul grasping coffee, and wash your hiney! I currently have a team of 15 employees, and its easy for my day to spiral without a routine. Get to it!

Develop New Habits: Even if you didn’t have a routine and were not active before you started working form home, now would be a great time to start new habits. And I don’t mean make a habit of eating everything in your pantry daily. I mean the type of habit that will make you feel proud of yourself. Per Ash Ambirge, The Middle Finger Project, “…do what feels most like self respect.”

Break It!: DO NOT forget your breaks. These 15-30 minutes breaks are regulated by law for a reason. You have to take a few minutes to not think about work. Play a game on your phone, eat a snack, orrrr read a really cool blog like “The Babbling Brunette,” *cough cough*.

Use Your Calendar in Outlook/Work Email: When you were in the office, you could go to somebody’s desk and if they weren’t there you may assume they were in a meeting. Or you could walk by the conference room, and see them in a meeting. Working from home, it is not that easy. If you use your calendar in your work email, others can see when you are in a meeting. That will help minimize distractions during that time. Which means, you can get more accomplished during that time. And let’s be real, we all love that sense of accomplishment.

Bottom line is, you need to find a balance between being productive and making sure you are still being kind to yourself. You cannot let yourself fall through the crack. Sometimes, I use my breaks to clean something in my house (I enjoy cleaning and organizing). Sometimes, I use them to read a blog or article. And sometimes I spend my breaks scrolling through Tik Tok. Possibly making a few. Anything is possible. We will get through this. Leave a comment and let me know how you cope with working from home :).

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