BIINNGGOOOO!! Have you ever played? Remember flailing your arms around and being so excited? Turns out the part of your arm that waves back and forth faster than your hand is moving, is combined of multiple muscles. Toning your arm muscles will help reduce the “flapping”. Below are tricep exercises I do to reduce my “flappers”!

  1. Tricep Kickbacks: Bend forward slightly (I usually use the wall at an angle or a jumping box thing).Make sure you keep your head, neck and spine all aligned. Engage your core. Place one hand on your thigh, wall, or box thing to support your weight. With or without weight in your free hand, bend your arm at your elbow and kick it backwards. The rep should end with the bottom of your dumbbell (or your imaginary one), facing the ceiling.
  2. Overhead Tricep Dumbbell Extensions: Seated or standing, place both hands on the dumbbell. I use the dubbed horizontally, most people use it vertically. Whatever, I’m unique! Engage your core. Place the dumbbell in front of you and raise it up until your arms are straight. Slowly lower the dumbbell behind your head, bending at the elbows and keeping your elbow close to your ears so the don’t widen. keep bending at the elbows and back up until your arms are straight above your head again for as many reps as you are doing. *Make sure the weight is comfortable. Start small. You want it to be difficult, but not overbearing as this can cause a lot of self doubt, and injury of course!
  3. Single Overhead Tricep Dumbbell Extensions: Copy steps from above, but with one arm and probably a lighter weight.

Below is a Tik Tok Video of me doing these very exercises. I did the tricep kickbacks while in a plank position though. I typically do 4 sets of 12 reps. More reps, more fat burn. More weight, more muscle. Have at it!

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